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The process of building a building is called construction. The goal is to make something that works, has a good structure, and is suitable for what it is meant to do. It also has to be legal and possible to pay for. This process involves a lot of different people, like contractors and people who make building materials. Engineers and quality control consultants are also essential parts of the building process.

There are a lot of different kinds of building projects. Some are more difficult than others. For instance, some projects are for homes, and others are for businesses. Some are also used in offshore construction, mining, quarrying, and steel mills. Lastly, some of these projects are made to be used by many people.

There are many building projects, each needing a different set of experts. For example, architects must work with the owner or developer when building a house to develop a design. Then, that plan needs to be put into action. A group of experts will work together to make this happen, and a lead designer will be in charge of the project. Once the design team has come up with a final plan, the building process will begin.

Construction work and infrastructure companies are called "construction companies." These companies build houses, bridges, dams, and other buildings. They also make roads, highways, and other public buildings. All over the world, people start construction companies. These companies work on a wide range of building projects.

Civil engineers are the people in charge of big building projects. These experts handle all parts of the building process, such as grading and preparing the site. They also make sure that the materials and buildings are of good quality. Some construction engineers also oversee the installation and upkeep of essential infrastructures like airports, highways, and public libraries.

There are two main types of building: commercial buildings and civil buildings. Both building types require a lot of equipment, people, and other resources. The main goals of these two fields are to help communities, improve transportation, and make people safer. The building process starts with the project owner coming up with a general plan for the project.

Plans for a new building are made and implemented during the construction process. The planner must consider how much each option will cost, how reliable it is, and whether it can be done technically. Since the building and site are constantly changing, the planning process must consider what will be needed in the future. Because of this, it is essential to remember that building something can take years.

A basic definition of construction will help make it clear what the project is for and what kind of building techniques will be needed. This sorting also helps people figure out what tools are required for the project. Usually, construction projects are put into groups based on how they are paid for. For example, houses are built as residential construction projects, while schools, bridges, and large commercial buildings are made as nonresidential construction projects. There are also project management companies, architectural firms, and companies that focus on big construction projects in the construction business.

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